Cybersecurity. How does it work, and why does it matter?


These days technology is really important and used often throughout a person’s daily life. Without cybersecurity, using technology and the internet would be extremely dangerous. Cyber Security protects your computer from outsiders peeking into your data and information. It prevents cyber attacks and keeps you safe and protected.

Technicalities and how it works!

Cybersecurity protects all sensitive information/data including personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), personal information, data, intellectual property, and government and industry information systems from theft or damage. Cybersecurity is a subset of IT security. There are also many different types of Cyber security like Network security, Application security, information security, etc. Things that are used in cyber security are virtualized security hardware, virtualized firewalls, and virtualized intrusion detection and prevention systems. Programming languages are used to create such programs that protect your computer, for example JavaScript. Many IT workers should know these programs and should work hard to maintain them as well. 


Cybersecurity, the act of writing and solving codes, is critical in today’s world. Without it our world would be in a state of chaos and technology would be too risky to even be used, as many governments and industries use it. Starting from the 1970s, it is a practice that is evident in the world and is used by almost everyone. Even small acts can greatly increase the security of your device like having a really hard to crack password, dual authentication, and more. It is always great to have healthy online practices to protect your data and devices.