Did Playboi Carti Drop Whole Lotta Red Or Whole Lotta Trash???


Jordan Terrell Carter, also known as “Playboi Carti,” is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was born on September 13, 1996, and is known for mumbling in his music. He became famous because of his two hit songs, Magnolia and Woke Up Like This, in 2017. In 2o18 he dropped an album called, Die Lit, which hit #3 on US Billboards 200. After Die Lit dropped, he said that he was going to release another album called Whole Lotta Red.

Ever since 2018, when Playboi Carti said he was going to drop Whole Lotta Red, his fans were very excited and could not wait. Maybe they were a little bit too excited, because ever since then, his fans have been leaking his music. Because of this, Playboi Carti has not dropped any of his own music in almost two years. His fans have been waiting for Whole Lotta Red and Playboi Carti just kept delaying the release. After a while, his fans started to believe that there was no album. If there was an album, they would not see it until years from now. On December 25, 2020, Playboi Carti decided to surprise his fans with a Christmas gift by dropping Whole Lotta Red. When the album dropped, memes about the album were everywhere. Everyone thought that the album was absolute trash. People recorded themselves reacting to 5 seconds of one song on the album, people recorded themselves crying, there were even tiktoks of Carti fans forcing themselves to like Whole Lotta Red. People even edited photos of the album in the garbage. I decided to listen to one song on the album when it first dropped, and I had to turn it off after 10 seconds of it playing. Some Carti fans were angry, because they waited almost 2 years for this album, and it was terrible. Some Carti fans actually blame it on themselves, since they kept leaking his music. After listening to some of the songs on the album, here is my opinion on them.

“Rockstar Made” – The beat sounds insane, and I like it. He repeats “never too much” too many times. His voice sounds terrible. It sounds like his lungs are dying, and they are black. I am bumping my head to this right now. I am forcing myself to like it.

“Go2DaMoon ft. Kanye West” – The beat sounds nice. At first, I thought it was a song from 2015. It gives off music from 2015 vibes. If you told me to listen to this song and guess which artist was rapping, I would have never guessed Kanye. It gives off Drake/Lil Wayne vibes. The beat just changed, and it sounds demonic. I am scared. Kanye just said “Jesus Gang,” which I thought was funny. Playboi Carti keeps repeating “What?” (Wah?) for most of the song. It actually is not bad, but it is scary. It is Carti’s song and his part was only 30 seconds, which does not make sense. It sounds like he did not put any effort into writing his lyrics.

“Stop Breathing” – The beat is scaring me. It sounds like Emo Rockstar music. He keeps repeating the same line over and over again. It sounds like he is dying to get air. I can hear him exhaling and screaming into the microphone. I am very scared. His voice keeps changing, which is annoying. His lyrics are disturbing.

“Beno!” – The beat actually sounds nice, but the bass is crazy. This is bad, and I want to turn it off.

“Jump Out The House” – The beat sounds nice but he keeps repeating the same lines over and over. I do not even understand what he is saying. The person who mixed and mastered this song did not do a good job. He is literally mumbling lyrics.

“M3tamorphosis ft. Kid Cudi” – The beat sounds insanely good. Kid Cudi is humming in the background, and it actually sounds nice. Playboi Carti is repeating the same line over and over again. He is trying to sing and the autotune sounds very bad. He keeps repeating the word “Metamorphosis” and it sounds terrible. I want to turn this off, but the song is growing on me. Kid Cudi’s verse is really good, and it sounds like he is spitting bars. The likes to dislikes ratio on Youtube is out the roof. 169,000 people liked the video and 33,000 people disliked the video.

“Slay3r” – The beat actually sounds really good. He actually is not repeating lyrics for the chorus of the song. I actually like this song.

“NoSl33p” – The beat sounds very good. It sounds like a video game. The lyrics are very disturbing. It actually is growing on me, and I am starting to like this song.

“New Tank” – The beat is different and sounds very demonic, which I do not like. But it sounds good. He keeps repeating the same lyrics over and over again. He just said something really funny, and I am laughing.

“TeenX ft. Future” – The beat sounds like a Christmas beat. He is mumbling. I do not understand what he is saying. I can not believe people call this music. All he is doing is mumbling. Future is also mumbling too. This song is unlistenable. But for some reason, it is growing on me and it is starting to sound fire.

Meh – The beat is hard, and I like it. The lyrics are disturbing with a lot of curses. He keeps repeating the same lyrics.

“Vamp Anthem” – The beat sounds like a song played at a funeral. It sounds like a beat they would have in the movie Hotel Transylvania. The beat sounds nice, and I would actually listen to this. The beat is what makes the song so much better.

Even though there are more songs left on this album, I am done listening to it. At the end of the day, the album is really bad. He just repeats the same lyrics over and over for most of his songs. He mumbles the lyrics, so I barely understand what he is saying. A lot of his lyrics are very disturbing, and I would not play it if kids were around. No wonder why Carti fans are upset. Even though the album is bad, if you listen to some of the songs over and over, it slowly starts to grow on you. Some songs are very catchy. My favorite songs are “Go2DaMoon ft. Kanye West,” “M3tamorphosis ft. Kid Cudi,” “No Sl33p,” and “New Tank.”

Whole Lotta Red is a Whole Lotta Trash.