Predicting Spring 2021 Fashion Trends!


Predicting spring 2021 fashion trends!

Ever thought about how fashion develops and matures into the modern trendy clothing lines we have today? Or how people come up with specific trend? Some are sad, because of unfortunate circumstances or personal reasons. Some are happy to throw away old stereotypes created by the clothing industry in the 20th century. However, the thought of how fashion has changed throughout the years is still fascinating. Fashion always evolves, doesn’t it? Let’s see how people used to dress before and how they are dressed today!

The before clothes were considered ‘casual’ for men and women back during the 1900s.  Our sense of fashion has become very distinct compared to the way people used to dress.    

Men’s style

For men, the main fashion must haves were black suits and hats that most of the time matched their suits and coats. Now men are not scared to wear colors which from the past were considered to be for ‘women only.’ We still however have to keep in mind that our society has evolved just as much. Now people no matter their gender can wear whatever they want, which is always a good sign.

Women’s style

For women, however, we can almost see the fashion trends coming back! Corset tops, long skirts, a lot of accessories and jewelry, luxurious looking outfits. Everything is coming back, except now it is more modern. Women now don’t hide their corsets underneath their fashion dresses; most don’t wear hats or overly excessive makeup either. Now is the time for natural looks. Now is the time where women embrace outside nature and nature within themselves. If you haven’t noticed that, you live under a rock. Women in society today are learning more to dress the way they want to dress, with zero intent to please anyone else! Women empower themselves and create a message!




It is safe to conclude that yes, as a matter of fact, future fashion trends for women can come from the past fashion trends! Even trends for the early 1900s for formal events, maybe from the 1920s. Most likely, colors like bronze, sage, sky, and periwinkle will be trending in the spring since they are the colors that embrace nature and look the most pleasing. Not to mention these are the dullest colors by women in society today. As for men, it is safe to conclude that man standards from the past will not be coming back any time soon. We are now proud to embrace that no matter what gender you are, you can wear whatever you feel like wearing, which may be the best thing to happen in the 21st century, fashion equality.
What do you think will happen in the spring of 2021?