The Future


With rapidly-growing technological advancements, we are often left to wonder about the future and our limits. Before, it would seem impossible to have cellphones, computers, and other technological devices that are in common use today. Looking into the future, we are left with our imagination of what can potentially happen a few years or a few decades from now. Although all of us have different perspectives on the future, here are some general predictions of futuristic technological innovations. 

Flying Public Transportation

The concept of a commonly-used mode of transportation is something that humanity has been envisioning for a long amount of time. It is seen in several movies, including Back to the Future and Blade Runner, and it is an idea that holds strong enthusiasm and hope. With the recent mass production of drones, this idea seems way closer to reality than just a decade or two ago. With the rise in the number of cars, the idea becomes more achievable and necessary to humanity to accommodate our needs. 


Creating another humanoid robot is definitely in minds of millions of people. Especially from watching Terminator, we often may ask ourselves – if we create intellectual robots, will humanity live inside the world of robots? Will we be replaced? 

Even though these questions can be considered as mildly exaggerated, because the robots currently do not have the capability to surpass human intellectuality, it is something still worth considering, including the ethics of this technological invention. Artificial intelligence (AI) and complex robots are already making their appearances today, with Boston Dynamics being one of the most recognizable companies. It is best known for the development of a series of dynamic highly-mobile robots. 

Artificial intelligence is becoming more popular and practical than ever before. Another common example of artificial intelligence is self-driving cars, such as Tesla and Nio, which have partial or full autonomy over the vehicle. 

Virtual Reality

When we transitioned from in-person to virtual learning, something that we have all realized is the importance and necessity of high-level technology in the educational sector and for socialization. With the integration of virtual reality into our daily lives, we will be able to communicate and keep in touch with each other on another, closer level. Virtual reality (VR) will allow us to stay connected and reduce the barriers between reality and the virtual environment as much as possible. 


Boston Dynamics: