Feelings on In Person Learning?


When students found out that they will be going back to school in the fall, many had different thoughts and opinions. Some cannot wait to go back, while others do not want to go back. No matter what side you all are on, everyone has their own thoughts and opinions that come to mind. One thought that comes to mind is if it’s safe to go back to school?

People have been getting their Covid-19 vaccines for some time now. This means that many people are vaccinated. There will also be masked worn in school. The people who are vaccinated would not have a problem with going back to school, because they are safe on their end. But how about the students who haven’t gotten the vaccine? Will schools have both vaccinated and un-vaccinated back in the fall? And one of the biggest questions of all, could it be mandatory to get a vaccine to go back to school?

Personally, I do not want to go back. I liked not having to wake up early in the morning, get ready, then travel to school. I liked having to wake up, grab my computer, and head right back in my bed. It isn’t the healthiest routine, but it is the most enjoyable for me. That will be one of the things I will miss when I go back to school in the fall. I also do not want to go back, because I want to look different than what I looked like before. I have no physical changes, and I want that before I go back to school. Personally, I do not plan on getting the vaccine, so if it becomes mandatory to get the vaccine to go back to school, that would not be good for me. I would like to see more data about the impact the vaccine could have on us. Since we have to wear masks in the fall, I do not think it is safe yet. Unless, it can be the “New Normal.”

I decided to ask people who go to FDR HS their opinion’s on going back to school in the fall.

“I am curious to see how things operate in school, due to the pandemic.” – 10th Grader at FDRHS

“It’s either a really smart idea or a really bad idea.” – 10th Grader at FDRHS

“Hopefully it’s good. Getting back to school is a great idea, however, it can be dangerous. With the current state of healthcare and caseloads multiplying, students had to adapt to learning things differently. Although for me personally, I prefer in-person classes, because I feel loved, appreciated, and less stressed/depressed. I will be able to surround myself with others from different backgrounds. I also prefer in-person learning, because during remote learning, I constantly have to stare at the light that’s being reflected through screens, which is putting my eyes at risk. This can lead to money coming out of my parent’s pockets to buy glasses. Plus, staring at a screen can increase student’s risk of getting bad posture when our bodies are meant to be physically active.” – 9th Grader at FDRHS

“I feel good to get back to some kind of normalcy and feel like it will be better than online.” – 11th Grader at FDRHS

“I don’t want to go back to school. I might feel tired and sad, because I can’t stay with my family. I think going back to school, we will have no personal space and we can’t do anything we want. ” – 10th Grader at FDRHS

“I’m kind of glad we will go back to school, because I feel like in-person learning is better for many people including me. Plus it’s easier to socialize with others, which is important for mental health.” – Student at FDRHS