Influence Of Fashion On Teens


Fashion has been around for centuries, and in every decade, we see a new trend/fashion. It gets hyped by everyone, cost goes up, but over time those trends/fashions decline as new things come up and take over the old fashion. Most often fashion trends have had a massive influence over all the age groups, but sometimes some trends are just made for particular age groups. The trend only gets hype within that group. However, in this modern age, wearing clothes from luxury brands has really been eye-catching for everyone and has had the most effect on teens.

Luxury clothing has had the most influence on teens. Teens can be immature kids, who try to show off materialistic things. Looking fresh (meaning wearing the most expensive clothes and luxury brands) becomes the priority for many teens, because it can make them popular in school. Teens strive to be unique and get compliments. Instead of materialistic items, money could be saved for college tuition, to help around home, or maybe even invest in crypto currency or stocks, as those things can go up in minutes and have a huge profit. 

Teens who are less fortunate, can’t keep up with the fashion due to its expense. Teens who are fortunate enough to buy things, often look down on poorer teens. I have seen that happening in front of my eyes, where kids have been humiliated by other kids for not wearing branded clothes. It’s the downside of  luxury branding, as bullying can happen in some cases.

It’s great if you are fortunate enough to keep up with the hype, but don’t go around hating or bullying someone who’s less fortunate, as that can really have bad consequences on people. Cloth aren’t that important!