The Forgotten Heroes For Equality


From the beginning of February, until the last day in February, we celebrate Black History Month. It’s a month where we appreciate the accomplishments and achievements of African Americans. It first started in 1926, when a well known group called ‘ASALH,’ sponsored the “Negro History Week,” which was celebrated during the second week of February. Eventually this week evolved into Black History Month and now is celebrated every year. As we enter Women’s History Month, The New Dealer wants recognized two African American who are truly heroes.

When people think of Black History Month many think of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. They were very important figures, but many other important African American figures are usually forgotten. Many figures who have played major roles in civil rights movements are too unknown.

Ella Baker was an activist who played a big role in the Civil Rights Movement. Not only was she an organizer of the NAACP, she also helped co-found the ‘SNCC.’ She also helped to mentor young activists and even worked with Martin Luther King. Baker is now called the “mother of the Civil Rights Movement“. 

Another important figure was Marsha P. Johnson, she was a transgender and gay activist. Marsha struggled with being homeless, which motivated her to open a shelter for LGBTQ+ members called “S.T.A.R,” with another activist, Sylvia Rivera. She founded another important group called the “Gay Liberation Front,” which was a movement to fight for LGBTQ+ rights in the United States. 

These are just a two of many African American figures who have accomplished lots in areas such as the Civil Rights Movement, LGBTQ rights, and human rights. These individuals shouldn’t only be celebrated in the month of February or March, but everyday. We should thank and recognize these heroes, and other unknown figures, for the their accomplishments and service to our society.