The High School Experience: Advice From A Senior

My time in high-school has come to an end, but hopefully the people who read this article will take my advice on what to do and what not to do in your high-school experience! 

There’s no one sentence to describe high-school. Through my whole high-school experience I’ve been through horrible lows and great highs. My freshman year was possibly one of the wildest experiences ever! Coming into high-school the first time felt like starting a new chapter in my life, and it was chapter I did not want to mess up at all. A couple things you should focus on in your first days of high-school is finding your friends, because those will most likely be the friends you will be leaving high-school with. Make sure to stay with the right group people as well. You are going to want to find people who you can truly trust and be with. As freshman year goes along, do your best with classes and make connections with teachers too. Those connections will help you during your senior year- for college recommendations. Now once you become a sophomore, and slowly become a junior, you are going to want to make the best memories ever. I slowly realized that you only live once, so make the best of it! I wish I could make a time machine and relive all those moments, because those moments you make in high-school will stay with you. Those two years will go by relatively fast. It’s still important to avoided anything that’s too stressful and that takes up your time. Also, find a hobby or club you love, and or, a field of work you think you may study in college. Once you get to senior year, things will go by quick in the first four months, because of applications and other college priorities to take care of. Lastly, please enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy!