What Is The Dr. Gundry Diet?


If you heard of Dr.Gundry, then you must have known about his discovery of lectin. Dr.Gundry is a medical doctor and heart surgeon who himself has problems with weight loss. It was not long after years of research, he knew the cause of all his problems. It was lectin, a dangerous blind building sticky protein that destroys your gut lining. Do you feel tired with a loss of  energy? Many foods that many people and doctors say are healthy have lectin. According to Gundry, the obesity rate had tripled due to the increased production of whole grain or wheat.

Many foods such as whole wheat, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes including other nightshade vegetables, and legumes such as black bean, and green peas have lectin. If you eat these so-called healthy foods, it could damage your gut health, because the human body can’t digest lectins. From what Gundry learned, our ancestors did not eat these foods. It was introduced from western Europe that brought by them to the new world. Lectin is also high in eggs, milk, and other dairy products- but not to worry if it pasteurized.

Dr. Gundry advocates a lectin free diet, meaning people should eat food such as avocados, that do not have lectin. He experienced huge changes in his body and mentally. He felt younger and stronger, with muscle increase and energy. He was originally 260 pounds and went to 190 pounds. He struggled to lose this 70 pounds before he tried a lectin free diet. He did two hours of work in the gym and ran daily, but he could not lose weight.

Dr. Gundry superfoods are avocado, blueberry, raspberry, coconut oil, walnut, dark chocolate, pomegranate fruit, kale, and other dark green veggies. These are considered superfood in the eyes of Gundry, because these are lectin free and provide a lot of healthy nutrients that benefit your gut while being low calories and providing high probiotic fiber.

There are methods to reduce lectin in your favorite foods. Gundry calls it pressure cooking. Meaning you soak it, and boil it for a few hours. Dr. Gundry advises peeling off skin and removing seeds in tomatoes, because it contains the highest amount lectin. Other food with a lot of lectin are apples, potatoes, and melons. Brown bread is high in fiber, but it is fiber which contains high levels of lectin.

If you have troubling with weight loss, try a lectin-free diet to see if it helps you. Do plenty of research before you start any diet! As Dr. Gundry claims, “weight off fast never lasts, weight loss slow, and you are good to go.”