New Coach, New Season, New Results! An Interview With Coach Slosh


Coach Slosh was the Girl’s Flag Football Assistant Coach, and he still remains the Assistant Coach for the Boy’s JV Football team. He was a substitute teacher here at FDR, but he is now an official Math ISS teacher! After the Head Coach for the Girl’s Flag Football team (Coach Kent) stepped down, the team needed a new Coach who was reliable, innovative, and fair. Coach Slosh was the right person for the job! Coach Slosh has earned the title of Head Coach for the Girl’s Flag Football team!

After losing every game with both the Girl’s and Boy’s Football teams, Coach Slosh realized that this was unacceptable and envisions a different outcome for the upcoming season. According to Coach Slosh, “I don’t like losing, and I am willing to work hard to change that.”

When asked how he would rate the Girl’s Flag Football season last year, he gave it a 5 out of 10. He explained, “We did not get the results that we wanted. Only two girls showed up at our first meeting and practice. We already started off on a tough slate. We never had more than 13 players and not all were eligible to play. We tried our best and had fun. We taught them the game and were able to run around 10 plays.”

Struggling with players is a big issue when it comes to sports teams. When asked what something is he wants to change for this season, Coach Slosh said, “I want a higher number of Student-Athletes, so I am able to give my players a break if they are tired or injured. I don’t want my injured players to feel as if they NEED to play. I want everyone to play, be rested, and make it out of the season healthy.”

Rules are important for players both on and off the field. It makes things easier and keeps things organized. When asked what he wants to implement this season that is different from last season, Coach Slosh said the rules. “I am changing many things academically and in the sport itself. I am bringing over the rules from Boy’s Football to Girl’s Flag Football. Rules regarding grades, attendance both on and off the field, and so on. This year, I want to be a lot more organized and grow my players into responsible adults. We have obligations and commitments that we must fulfill, and my players need to know that it starts at this age.”

Although last season did not go as planned, Coach Slosh is confident about the upcoming season. When asked what his goals are for this season, he said he wanted to see the work and effort by his players continue. “The girls worked really hard last year, and I want to continue that this year. We started off with two Student-Athletes and ended with about 13. The majority of the team is returning, and we have many girls interested in playing. I am looking forward to winning and having fun. I take football very seriously, and on game days, I feel like a high school player/kid myself. I view my players as my younger brothers and sisters, so I want to see them succeed, and I will pick them up when they don’t.”

As the season quickly approaches, Coach Slosh is starting to get everything in order. When asked if he was doing anything pre-season to benefit the team, he said he was working on what he wanted to put forth this season. “I already started game planning and creating different defenses to use since there are more girls interested in playing this season. I am not an “offense,” guy but I am also thinking about a few set offenses and formations to run. I want to make it a lot easier for my players, especially since many don’t watch football.”

As an athlete, you should put in as much commitment in the classroom as you do in your sport. When asked if academics is deemed as important as athletics, Coach Slosh said academics is more important. “I am bringing in policies that will determine if you are going to play/stay on the team. The Boy’s Football team already knows the policy. Attendance and grades are important. My job is to teach our student/athletes how to be responsible adults, so that when they leave here, they are well-abiding citizens that can fend for themselves. I don’t want a player that is more focused on the sport than their grades, because there is no point. You must be eligible to play, so school comes first, followed by football.” Many high school teams have players that do not attend school/class, do not do their work, and are disrespectful to their teachers/peers. That is something that Coach Slosh does not want to deal with this season. 

With less than 10 players returning for Flag Football, Coach Slosh hopes to expand the team even further. Returning starters include, “Jasmyn Greenwood, Arianna Aguilar, Tiffany Munive, Kayla Laurore, Samantha Santiago, Jolany Hinds, Skye Dominique, Arielle Frederic, and Ashly Aguilar. According to Coach Slosh, “I’m looking forward to this season and what it has in store. With the number of girls that are interested, I believe this season will be more successful than the previous year.”

Congrats to Coach Slosh on being named our new head coach! Good luck this year Lady Cougars!