Leslie Modesto- Female Athlete of the Month


Leslie Modesto is FDR’s Female Athlete of the Month! Leslie is the Setter for the Division Champ Lady Cougars Volleyball team. Leslie believes attending FDR gives her several opportunities. She has always felt welcomed and really likes that students can always get help. With all of FDR’s activities, Leslie feels it is hard to get bored.

Leslie believes her greatest strength as an athlete is her ability to motivate her team. She tries to keep her team in a fresh state of mind, so they can preform at their best. Her weakness as a player is that she stresses herself out too much on the court. However, she is lucky to have great teammates who always pick her up!

Leslie would advise new students to be patient and realize it takes time to adjust to a new environment. She claims that young athletes should not become frustrated,  because practice will get them to where they want to be.

Leslie was chosen to be the Athlete of the Month, because Coach Hand believes she has pushed herself to improve over the last three years. She is a passionate player, who adores her team. Leslie is a model student athlete, and she has made her Cougar Family proud!