Jonibek Davronov- Male Athlete of the Month


Congratulations to Jonibek Davronov for being the Male Athlete of the Month! Being surrounded by polite and lovely staff members and students, Jonibek feels safe attending FDR. It is like his second home. As an athlete, Jonibek thinks his strengths are his dedication and finishing the things he has started. Besides wrestling, Jonibek is also part of the Bowling Team at FDR. He hoped to learn from some of the best bowlers in the city by joining the team.

Jonibek would like to tell new students at FDR that school is not a fun place to be, when you have no goals which you strive for. For Jonibek, his goal was to be the one of the best student / athletes at FDR. As a matter of fact, his grades boosted dramatically after joining the Wrestling Team. Jonibek thinks he was chosen to be the Male Athlete of the Month because of his four-year dedication to the Wrestling Team. Her never missed a single practice! Most importantly, Jonibek knows his goals and works hard to achieve his dreams.  Good luck in college Jonibek