Boys Table Tennis – A Playoff Picture


Coming off a stellar year in 2015/2016, where the Cougars won their respective division and triumphed over Brooklyn Tech, they managed to become ranked third in all of New York City! A feat this remarkable is only accomplished through hard work and dedication, something this team lacks none of. This season proved to be no different after finishing with a solid eight and four record. The Cougars are now preparing for a playoff run that is looming closer and closer.

While it was unfortunate dealing with three starters graduating from last year’s squad, it was no excuse for the young, up and coming players, who worked twice as hard. According to Coach Sullivan, when most FDR students are just waking up or brushing their teeth, at 7AM the Cougars are already at FDR practicing diligently. In addition to morning and afternoon practices, the Cougars even come in on Saturday to get in a workout. They’ve been learning how to trust each other and deal with the pressure of being in close games. This is one of New York City’s top programs, with the results to back it up. 

The Cougars hope to make it back into the Final Four, and with a little luck, advance as far as the championship. With a lot on their plate, it is crucial for them to strengthen whatever they feel is lacking. Currently they are working on honing their doubles teams. By Sullivan pinning singles players against doubles players in practice, they are being prepared for multiple spins. Overall, this is a well coached team with a strong core of players who have excellent work ethics. Their character and self reliance will surely take them far.

With team playoffs starting February 7th, the entirety of the FDR family will be rooting for the Cougars to deliver FDR a home win against Flushing High School. The Cougars have only lost one game at home in two years!

Special shout outs to the seniors on the team who will be graduating this June include: Xin Hang Xie, Wen Lian Wu, Hong Lei, Jie Lian, Jin Tao Gao, David Zhao, and Hao Lin Chen. Not to mention up and coming sophomores, Weiqiang Wu and Xiang Shou Chen. Let’s go Cougars!