Mr. Timmins- Staffer of the Month


Congratulations to Mr. Timmins for being named the Staffer of the Month!  Mr. Timmins is a Senior College Advisor at FDR High School. He has been working as the College Advisor since 1982. Before that, he was a junior high school Social Studies teacher, guidance counselor, and a teacher of the emotionally handicapped.

Mr. Timmins began working at FDR High School in 1977.  He started off as a guidance counselor. He likes being a guidance counselor, rather than a teacher, because he thinks it is rewarding helping students on a personal, one to one, basis.  Mr. Timmins thinks his job is one of the best in the building, because he gets to assist students in achieving their dreams. One of the challenges the college office deals with is the large number of first-generation college-bound students and students who have a native language other than English. Although Mr. Timmins had only five years of experience teaching in a classroom, he still has advice for younger teachers working at FDR, “The first year or two, the work is overwhelming, but it gets better!”  Good advice from a veteran who has seen it all.

A big thanks goes out to Mr. Timmins for all he has done here at FDR.  He is truly a pillar of the school.