Female Student Athlete of the Month: Kelechi Egbunam


There are a limited amount of athletes within a high school building. That being said, there are even less students who shine at what they do. Kelechi Egbunam is a clear example of what being a student athlete is all about. Kelechi, a senior in FDR, has always enjoyed volleyball since her childhood. Playing with friends and having fun has been a major factor in her carrying on her love for the sport. Kelechi finds joy in bringing her team to victory. She feels that the victories she has gathered are her greatest achievements. Kelechi finds that building on her skills, with her team, and competing every day at practice and in games, is extremely rewarding. Kelechi’s view on hard work and effort can be seen in her academic success, being in courses such as A.P Calculus which requires a vast amount of dedication and effort. As if being such a great athlete isn’t enough, Kelechi really enjoys passing on what she knows to the next generation of Lady Cougar Athletes.  She is truly one of FDR’s best!!