Female Athlete of the Month: Kiana Hernandez


This month’s Female Athlete of the Month is Kiana Hernandez, for her impressive play on the FDR Softball team. Kiana started playing softball at the very young age of 8.  She was very eager to try out for the team once she entered high school. Kiana has had numerous memories on the FDR Softball field. One would have to be her father coming to all her games and always critiquing her play.  The good and the bad! This guidance, she finds has been important in helping her improve as a player. Another memory that Kiana holds dear is her Softball coach, Mr. Papandrea jumping like a madman and screaming, “RUN RUN RUN!” Kiana feels that assisting younger players is a great opportunity,  since she helps them grow and become better players. Badminton is Kiana’s favorite class since it is taught by Mr. Yellen, a man she finds to be a great Physical Education teacher. As a recommendation, Kiana advises to never give up!  Practice will always improve your chances of achieving your goals. One key piece of advice, from Kiana, is to stay humble. Kiana is very grateful to be April’s Female Athlete of the Month.