Jamie Zheng and Jiang Li – Female Athletes of the Month


Congrats to both Jamie and Jiang for being the Female Athletes of the Month. Jamie likes attending FDR, because there are many opportunities, variety of teams, and courses. Jiang enjoys attending FDR, because the staff and students make her feel she is a welcomed member of theFDR family.  As an athlete, Jamie hustles and tries her best. However, she lacks confidence, and she believes she is easily affected by pressure. On the other hand, Jiang also tries her best and never give up during a game. She also supports other teammates. Both Jamie and Jiang joined the Volleyball and Handball Teams, besides Table Tennis Team. Jamie enjoys sports and being a competitive person, while Jiang wishes to learn team skills from these sports. Some advice they would give to a new FDR student is to join a team, enjoy it, and don’t let anything be in your way.  Most importantly, don’t give up on any challenges. Jiang and Jamie think they were chosen to be the Female Athletes of the Month, because their efforts in table tennis have paid off. Congratulation Lady Cougars!