Mamlakat Norimova- Female Athlete of the Month


Congratulations to Mamlakat Norimova, of the Girls Table Tennis team, for being named the Athlete of the Month. For Mamlakat, every year passing brings her a step closer toward graduation, and every day she appreciates the time she has left at FDR. It was a great experience for Mamlakat to meet peers from different parts of the world at FDR.

Mamlakat believes that her greatest strengths, as an athlete, are her confidence and persistence. She is confident about herself when facing any opponent. She fights, and never gives up for every single point, all the way through the last minute. On the other hand, Mamlakat finds it frustrating when she loses many points in a row. When she’s frustrated, she puts pressure on herself. This causes her to lose even more points by making mental mistakes.

Mamlakat is also a member of the National Honors Society, because she wants to give back to the FDR family for everything it has done to her. Mamlakat would like to tell the new comers at FDR to not give up, even when you face adversity. Never give up, and never be afraid to take risks. She thinks she was chosen to be the Female Athlete of the Month because of her determination on the Girls Table Tennis team. Mamlakat’s paddle has traveled with her from continent to continent, and she truly loves this sport. Congratulations! FDR needs more of you!