Female Athlete of the Month- Zarnigor Kudratova


I very special congratulations to Zarnigor Kudratova, FDR’s Female Athlete of the Month. Not only is Zarnigor a great Table Tennis player, she is the 2nd ranked player in all of New York City! Zarnigor advanced to the Championship game at the PSAL Individuals Tournament by beating the best players in the PSAL. Then, she did the same in the Mayor’s Cup! Not a bad end to the season for FDR’s Super Cougar!

Zarnigor really likes attending FDR, because it is such a diverse school. She enjoys meeting new people from all over the world. Zarnigor really likes that the teachers and students get along so well.

Zarnigor’s greatest strength as an athlete is staying focused in order to achieve her goals. She believes good athletes realize that there will be hardships, but great athletes can overcome them. Her one weakness is staying confident during a match. She sometimes lets her nerves get in the way, when she gets down a few points. However, anyone who watched Zarnigor play this year would never be able to tell that nerves ever get in her way!

Zarnigor is very honored to be the Female Athlete of the Month. She is very proud that she was able to represent her school well and put the Lady Cougar Table Tennis team on the map. Way to go Zarnigor! You made us proud!