Male Athlete of the Month: Jungie (Dylan) Yang


Jungie Yang, otherwise known as Dylan, is the student Athlete of the Month for his efforts 0n the Boys Badminton team. Not only has Dylan jump started the popularity of this fantastic sport, he also brought his team to a  PSAL Championship last spring.   He is not only the best player at FDR, he is the best player in NYC.  Badminton was Dylan’s favorite sport when he was a kid. He joined the team with pleasure and felt that it allowed him to share his skill and technique against others. As the season gets under way, Dylan is very fond of his preparation for his games- with vigorous practice and working on his skills to be the best he can be. Dylan feels that his greatest achievements, so far, is the championship he brought to the school last spring, and in turn, promoting the sport for many others to enjoy. In academics, Dylan enjoys A.P Statistics, and he believes that working hard has its payoff. As a recommendation to other student athletes in the future, he believes strongly in setting goals and putting in consistent effort to reach those goals. Jungie Yang was an obvious choice for this month’s Athlete of the Month for his accomplishments in Badminton and the effort he has put into becoming the champion he is.