Male Athlete of the Month- Hsueh Chien (John) Chen


Congratulations to Hsueh Chien (John) Chen, October’s Male Athlete of the Month. John was nominated by Coach Hellman for his outstanding commitment and leadership on the Boys Badminton team.

John loves all the academic and sports options he gets at FDR. He believes attending FDR was a major turning point in his life. FDR has taught John about responsibility, hard work, and how to love others.

John’s greatest strength as an athlete is his ability to learn from his mistakes. He does not consider himself a natural athlete, so he feels his effort and attention to details makes a big difference for him. John’s greatest weakness is ensuring he eats the proper food to maximize his flexibility and performance. He believes a he must improve his self-control over what he consumes on a daily basis.

John is not just a great badminton player, he was also a drummer in the school band. Being in the band helped him learn how to perform in front of other people. John would like new students / athletes to realize that there are consequences to their actions, both positive and negative. He encourages younger students to work hard and build a strong sense of character, and they should seek out help if they are struggling personally or academically.

John is very grateful for this honor. He appreciates that Coach Hellman noticed his hard work and dedication. He loves badminton and is proud to be a Cougar!

Way to go John! Go get FDR another City Championship!