Male Athlete- Immanuel Best


Congratulations to Immanuel Best for being named the Male Athlete of the Month! This is the year for Immanuel to make himself known throughout the PSAL. Coming off a strong junior year, expectation are high for Immanuel and the Boys Varsity Basketball team.

Immanuel believes that his time attending FDR has been a very humbling, fun, and exciting. His greatest strengths as an athlete are his commitment and leadership to the team. No matter what, Immanuel has a positive and winning attitude. He makes sure that he remains dedicated to his team and the game plan. He is proud that he is able to take constructive criticism as a player. He believes that his high motor and athletic ability separates him from other players. Immanuel thinks that his one weakness is he might push his teammates a little too hard at practice. He thinks he sometimes rides them too much and needs to find a better way to control his competitive nature. Immanuel is hopeful that his hard work will enable him to continue playing basketball at the college level.

Immanuel offers some good advice for younger students / athletes. He believes younger players need to stay focused on their sport and team, and not drift away from their goals. He feels strongly that young athletes need to see themselves as students first, and athletes second. If you don’t pass your classes, you can’t help your team. Distractions need to be identified and removed immediately, before they move you away from your goals. Good advice Immanuel!

Immanuel was chosen for his dedication to his team and classes. Congrats Immanuel! Go get us back to the playoffs!