Giorgi Kantroshvili- Rising Cougar Star



Congratulations to sophomore, Giorgi Kantroshvili, this February’s Rising Cougar Male Athlete! Giorgi was nominated by Coach Daiello, for his dedication and performance on the Wrestling team. Giorgi went 6-1 on the season, wresting in the 120s. Not only is Giorgi a Wrestling star on the rise, he is an athlete on the JV Football and FDR’s Varsity Track team.

Giorgi feels his strengths are determination, consistency, and hard work. He struggles with time management, due to all of the sports he participates in. However, he feels playing sports is very important for young people. It is a great way to stay healthy, have fun, and meet new people. He would advise freshmen at FDR to get involved is sports and clubs as soon as possible. Participating in activities will make your high school experience more rewarding, according to Giorgi.

Giorgi is very grateful to Coach Daiello for selecting him for this honor. He looks forward to further developing as an athlete and a student. He wants to represent FDR to the best of his abilities. Congratulations Giorgi! You have made your school and coaches very proud.