Iaroslav Cernokulski- Player to Watch


Iaroslav Cernokulski is this Spring’s Player to Watch. Iaroslav is a veteran player and Captain for the FDR Golf team. He loves attending FDR, because the students and teachers are awesome. He is very excited to represent his school this spring out on the greens.

Iaroslav greatest strength as an athlete is his patience. According to Iaroslav, “patience is the greatest weapon of a warrior.” Iaroslav would like to work on being more “coachable” this spring. He admits that he is very opinionated, however, he needs to be open to feedback from his coach. He wants to develop a strong line of communication with his coach and teammates.

Iarolsav is a proud member of the FDR Chess Club. He feels it helps him develop critical thinking skills and problem solving. In addition, Iaroslav writes for The New Dealer. He is very interested in science, and he loves writing about scientific theory and the universe.

Iaroslav would advise younger athletes to be patient and dedicated about their sport. He wants developing athletes to understand that with time, comes results. He is very thankful that Coach Cinamon selected him for this honor. He is very proud to be the Captain of the Golf team at FDR.

Have a great season Iaroslav!