Student Athlete of the Month: Jonathon Izkiyayev


The Student Athlete of the Month is Jonathon Izkiyayev, who was chosen for his outstanding effort on the FDR Wrestling team. Jonathon joined the Wrestling team to challenge himself and to try something new. Jonathon’s decision to join such a diligent team would prove to be a success, as he would become the team’s Captain for the 2014-2015 season. Jonathon’s most memorable moment, during his wrestling career, was his experience at Madison Square Garden, which in his own words, “was exhilarating!” Due to being such a big time athlete, Jonathon was naturally attracted to the school’s Weight Training class, where he lifts hard every day. A tip from Jonathon for younger athletes would be to work hard and to never give up. He emphasizes setting goals and achieving them over the course of time. Jonathon is very proud to receive this honor. He feels that his hard work really paid off!