Male Scholar / Athlete of the Year- Elisio Mosso

Congratulations to the Male Scholar / Athlete of the Year, Elisio Mosso.  The following is Elisio’s interview with The New Dealer.
1. Why did you choose to join the Football team?
I chose to join the football team, because I always enjoyed playing with my friends during middle school. I always had so much fun, so I decided to take the challenge and join.
2. What was the most memorable moment of the season?
Of the many memories I have made playing for FDR, my proudest moment was recovering a key fumble in terrible weather. It really helped establish our win that day.
3. What is your most memorable moment felt in the classroom?
I don’t think I have one single memorable moment in the classroom, but I will always remember the stories that Sully would tell us during class to help us focus and understand the topics we were learning.
4. What do you feel are your greatest accomplishments as an athlete?
As an athlete my greatest accomplishment is being awarded all academic awards for football and being able, along with the team, to make it to the championship and win.
5. What do you feel are your greatest achievements as a student?
As a student I feel that my greatest achievements are maintaining my grades during the football season and getting a 4 on my A.P U.S exam.
6. What is your favorite class at FDR? Explain why?
My favorite class this year is A.P Biology.  Not only learning about how so many things work, but also dissecting organisms has been an awesome experience.
7. What recommendations would you give younger athletes?
I would recommend younger athletes to always work hard, never skip practice, and learn from your mistakes
8. Why do you think you were chosen as the Scholar / Athlete of the Year?
I think I was chosen for this award, because of my work ethic on the field and off the field.