Comeback Player of the Year!


Meet FDR’s Comeback Player of the Year: Jimmy Pluas! He is a senior at our school, and a player on the Varsity Football Team. Due to his extensive knee surgeries, Jimmy couldn’t play for a year. When he was young, Jimmy played any sport that he liked, including street football. Ever since he was a child, Jimmy was bowed-legged. This would’ve caused major problems in adulthood if nothing was done, so he and his doctors agreed to go through knee surgery. Jimmy says, “It was horrible at first, I even thought it would be easier.” He couldn’t walk for five weeks after the surgery! At first, he didn’t even have a physical therapist, he used the stairs in his apartment to try to regain mobility with help of an at home nurse. Slowly, but surely, after his second surgery, he was back to training with the football team. Although it was hard, he overcame it and completed the year playing on the team. He views the scars on his knees as a reminder of what he went through. What a player! ┬áHe is truly Cougar to be proud of!