Mohammed Hasan – Male Athelte of the Month


Congratulations to Mohammed Hasan, the Male Athlete of the Month! Mohammed truly believes that FDR is where he started a new life. Being here is the best choice he ever made. Even though it is the senior year for Mohammed, to him, every day he goes to FDR is just as fresh and new as the first day here.

As an athlete, Mohammed never gave up in a game, and he took all the practices seriously. He never underestimates an opponent, and he always respects the players he competes with and against. However, Mohammed still needs to  improve his confidence on trying new strategies. In addition, Mohammed easily loses focus when the pressure is very high. Nevertheless, Mohammed is improving day by day. He joined the Cricket Team during his freshman year, because it was his favorite sport before moving to the U.S.. During his junior year, Mohammed was nominated to lead the Cricket Team. He also joined the Badminton Team. Mohammed would like to tell new students at FDR to join some clubs or teams and put your best effort forward.  He would also like to stress that one’s education should not fall behind while playing sports. Don’t be shy to ask for extra help from your teachers. Many of them will be willing to help.

Congrats again to Mohammed!  He is truly deserving of this honor.