Max Churbakov – Male Athlete of the Month


By setting the highest bowling average in FDR’s history of 215, Max is definitely the Male Athlete of the Month! During his previous season, Max played 12 regular matches and had 13 games bowled, with a total points of 2794. Max made himself one of the best bowlers in the city! For an amazing player like Max,  attending FDR is just the right choice for him. In his opinion, FDR is a family of potential-filled students and helpful / intelligent teachers.

As an athlete, Max is proud of himself, because he always puts his best efforts into every game, no matter what kind of day is he having. However, sometimes Max may push himself too hard, and it  may result in negative outcomes. Not only is Max one of the best bowlers in NYC, he also joined the Table Tennis Team and the Handball Team.  He really enjoys all three sports.  Not only are they fun, he loves to challenge himself.

Max would like to tell the up-and-coming Cougar athletes of FDR that even if you are not good in the beginning, just keep trying, practicing, and playing. Max recommends playing against those who are better than you, because that’s how you grow as a player and a person.

Max thinks his endless motivation, persistence, and ability to aid not only himself but also his teammates, made him the Male Athlete of the Month.  He is absolutely correct!

Best of luck this season!  Bring FDR the Championship!