Come One, Come All!


Welcome back, Cougars! The FDR Theatre Guild is proud to welcome you back, or welcome you to FDR, this fall. There are many plans for this year, with Mr. Meyers and Mrs. Reagan hoping to achieve more than they did last year. The Theatre Guild would love to welcome new members in any field, ranging from actors/actresses or even students who want to work in tech, taking care of lighting and much more. All are welcomed, both staff and students alike.
Just a few days ago, the Theatre Guild held auditions for Midsummer’s Jersey, a comedic play mixing modern media with Shakespeare. Midsummer’s Jersey mixes the Shakespearian play “Midsummer Nights Dream” with the reality TV show feeling of  Jersey Shore. The play itself deals with the impending marriage of the governor of New Jersey, with everything occurring in the seaside boardwalk town of the Jersey Shore. The play itself was written for High School and College students, applying many comedic aspects into the original play. The mixing of modern media with the olden play allows for a younger, more modern audience. The actors involved in the play will be able to enjoy themselves and make friends throughout the process. The spring musical has not been announced yet, but it is promised to be a delight. While the spring musical usually attracts a bigger crowd, both plays are promised to be great.
Students are encouraged to get involved with the Theatre Guild, whether it be working with Mrs. Reagan and Mr. Meyers directly, by being an actor or actress, or even working with Mr. Goldschmidt in the tech crew. A lot of other teachers are involved in the process, including Ms. Lefkowitz, who is in charge of the costume department. Students can also be part of the Theatre Guild by doing marketing (posting flyers around the school, selling tickets, etc.) or anything aforementioned. The Theatre Guild is a very open-minded place, allowing for many fun times and amazing memories.
Cougars, show your school spirit! By getting involved, not only are you making more friends and making great memories, but the more you involve yourself, the better it looks for colleges. The Theatre Guild always has its doors open for newcomers, welcoming everybody to join.