Freshman of the Month- Amelia Rose Loo


Michealla Aprigliano, Editor

Amelia Rose Loo was nominated to be Freshman of the Month by Ms. Agard and Mr. Sullivan. She chose FDR as her High School, because she loved her zone school during Junior High.  She thought if she went to her zone school for High School,  she might love it too. Amelia is trying to join the Theatre Club and has already joined the New Dealer. In her opinion, she believes her teacher’s are motivating her. Amelia thinks they have a strange way of showing it, because it’s either by yelling or telling the class “consequences.” However, in the end, she knows they want us to succeed. She likes all her teachers and doesn’t have a favorite. After getting to know her classmates and teachers, Amelia feels likes she belongs at FDR. To be honest, Amelia was completely surprised when she found out that she was selected as Freshman of the Month. She thinks she was selected because she tries in all her classes, and she really wants to graduate with the best grades possible. Keep up the good work and you might reach number one by senior year! Welcome to the Cougar Publications family!