Department Talk With Mr. Stanco


This year, FDR High School welcomes Mr. Stanco, as the new Assistant Principal of the Physical Education Department. Mr. Stanco has worked at FDR High School for 12 years, and his experience has been marked with enjoyment and many laughs. He appreciates the rich diversity of the student body and believes it gives him an up-close perspective of every corner of the world. He feels fortunate to teach at such a unique school.

Mr. Stanco also feels fortunate to have inherited such a great staff as the new AP of the Physical Education Department. When challenges present themselves, he relies on the staff to collaboratively come up with solutions. Taking this approach allows each person in the department to voice his or her opinion and contribute to the solution.  He envisions a future at FDR  where each student develops athletic skills and acquires a full understanding of physical education.  Mr. Stanco wants every student to enjoy a lifetime of wellness.

Mr. Stanco supports Physical Education as an integral part of a student’s well-rounded education. The department offers students an opportunity to develop their bodies, minds, and gain skills that will propel them to achieve wellness throughout their lives. The Physical Education department is always looking to develop a new curriculum and is currently working on a Table Tennis unit.

Mr. Stanco’s favorite quote relating to Physical Education is by Plato.  It states that, “You can learn more about a man in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation.”