Poet of the Month- Daniel Wang


Every morning I wake up, I hear noises.
Is it the birds chirping or the trees shuffling?
Or is it the rain tapping the window?
Is it the wind blowing or cars honking?
It’s the noises that we, Americans, are making.
I hear people protesting and complaining about the laws…
But why?
Is the law unjust?
Or are we asking for too much?
I wish I was deaf, so I don’t have to hear the noises.
I see.
I see people in many colors.
I also see red.
I see people making fun of other colors.
But wait.
Aren’t all men created equal?
I wish I was blind.
It is the best way to avoid these painful sights.
I don’t hear laughing.
I don’t see smiles.
I hear crying.
I see pain.
American is the best country in the world.
And yet, it creates much sorrow.
Where’s the happiness that We The People are seeking???