Senior of the Month- Mandy Ho


Mandy Ho was nominated by her AP Bio teacher to be this edition’s Senior of the Month.  She wishes she had joined clubs and teams in the beginning of  her freshman year. She also wishes she could have expressed herself more, and not been too quiet in the beginning of her senior year of high school. She wants to attend West Virginia University, because it offers a good forensics program. Mandy’s favorite teacher is Miss Gobin. According to Mandy, she may come off as strict, but she’s really nice, fair, funny, and caring. Mandy sees Miss Gobin as her FDR H.S. mother. Mandy was on the Track Team, and has joined National Honor Society, Peer Mediation, Sound Crew, and the Rainbow Coalition. She thinks these were great experiences, because she got to explore many diverse environments. Mandy’s advice for future graduates is don’t get discouraged, as that’s the first step to failure. Instead, use discouragement to motivate you to improve; no one succeeds easily without trying hard.

Good luck in college Mandy!!