Seniors! Are You Ready?

Hifza Ahmed, Reporter

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Wow! It feels like just yesterday we walked into FDR as little freshmen, confused and lost, and somewhat scared. Today we’re seniors, about to graduate. These four years have passed by so fast! Well, the first thing every senior thinks about, starting from the beginning of the year, is about all of the senior activities, including Senior Prom, the Senior Yearbook Party, the Senior Trip, and of course, Graduation! I’m sure we’re all impatient for these events to hurry up and arrive. I know I can’t wait!
The first thing that is going to be taking place is the Senior Trip. It’s going to take place from March 27th through March 29th. We will be going to the Honor’s Haven Resort. There will be many activities taking place. For example, late night parties, round trip transportation, games/contests, a scavenger hunt, laser tag, and much more. You definitely don’t want to miss this!
I’m sure everyone is extra excited for Prom. Yes! Find your prom date, and start getting ready! Senior Prom will be at Russo’s on the Bay on June 3rd. The theme of this year’s prom is “Vegas Theme.” Let the good times roll.

The Senior Yearbook Party will be on June 6th, at FDR in the Breezeway. There will be food, dancing, yearbook distribution, and a lot of fun.
Lastly, Graduation will be taking place at Brooklyn College, on June 26th at 4:00 PM. Seniors, you all should get ready for these amazing events!  Be prepared to leave high school and go out to the real world. I haven’t experienced the “real world,” but I can definitely say that it won’t be easy.

I wish you all the best! Make every decision wisely. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something you are really aiming for. Ms. Perez would like to tell all the seniors to, “Follow your dreams!” Good Luck and I hope you all succeed in everything you do! I’m crying as I’m writing this. Actually, not really, but I’m sad! Can’t imagine I will be leaving high school so soon.