Senior of the a Month- Daniel Nolberto


Daniel Nolberto is FDR’s fantastic photographer for the Newspaper, Yearbook, and Video yearbook. His contribution to the school has made him Senior of the Month. He thinks his high school experience has been amazing and wouldn’t change it. Daniel wants to attend Full Sail University in Florida. His favorite teacher is Mr. Pipitone, because he taught him the skills he needed to become a better photographer and film editor. Mr. Pipitone always pushed Daniel and never gave up on him. He inspired Daniel to become a better photographer.  Daniel has joined the Stage Crew, Yearbook, Video Yearbook and is the Photographer for Cougar Publications. His advice for future graduates is, the one that makes it complicated never get congratulated. He also believes that students should never give up on their dreams.

Mr. Sullivan would like to give a special thank you to Daniel for all his hard work on the Yearbook.  He was Cougar Publications’ MVP!