The Artistic Trio of FDR


For the past several months our “school home” was decorated with astonishing paintings of the upcoming events such as the very successful Fashion Show, Homecoming, Carnival, and many other events. The creators of these artistic works must be revealed to the public!

Selena Flores, Edwin Moral and Eddie Morales are the artists responsible for the crafting of the beautiful art gallery that now occupies the first floor of our school. These students spent countless hours, after school, just to finish their artwork.  They got home at eight o’clock at night during the completion of the project. However, as a result of their artistic abilities, hard work, and determinations these students were able to successfully express themselves through the art of painting.

Selena Flores heard the daily announcement made by Miss Perez inviting artistic students to participate in the decoration of the school. Selena comments that staying after school allowed her the opportunity to discover and experience new things at a very familiar place. She recalls that the atmosphere changes drastically once all the students leave, and a mysterious and seemingly magical atmosphere fills the surrounding hallways. Selena Flores wishes to further develop her artistic abilities and peruse a career that will require painting and sculpturing.

Edwin Moral a talented junior was persuaded by Selena Flores to help her decorate the windows on the first floor of our school. Edwin is looking forward to further developing his artistic talents and even branch off into the musical field, where he hopes to prosper. Edwin is very grateful that he was offered the opportunity to express his deepest emotions and pour out his soul into the physical world, by directing this force toward the creation of his art work. Not only that, but painting allowed Edwin to not only further develop his artistic abilities but to exercise precision and patience.

Eddie Morales is a very determined student who was also recruited by Selena.  Eddie made the trio complete that is responsible for enriching the artistic component of our school. Being a recent transfer student, who only attended FDR for a year, Eddie was able to make a smooth transition into his new home where he already made a very colorful imprint. Looking forward to a career in Graphic Design, Eddie, has already taken graphic design courses at FDR under the supervision of Ms. Agar. Eddie started making progress in the artistic field when he was in ninth grade. His paintings were on exhibit at his previous school.

These students took on a burden that requires a lot of determination, a steady hand, and a presence of artistic skills. Even though some items were improvised, and things not always went as expected, these artists were able to overcome all the difficulties. Thanks to Ms. Perez’s considerate nature, and the informative personality of Selena Flores, our school is now a decorative home for our close knit body of students.  The Franklin D. Roosevelt family greatly appreciates the hard work of Selena Flores, Edwin Moral, and Eddie Morales.

The honor of finishing this truly fantastic anecdote will be granted to Henry David Thoreau who stated that, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

Stay creative FDR!