The Hispanic Food Festival


The Hispanic Food Festival was celebrated last Friday, October 2nd  in the cafeteria at FDR!  The event was coordinated to recognized Hispanic Heritage Month. There was an incredible variety foods there. There was pernil (which is pork), chicken, and arroz con gandules to name a few. Arroz con gandules means rice with pigeon peas. Yum! Those are only a few of the delicious types of Hispanic foods at the festival.  They even had a cake for the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The FDR staff members were kind enough to serve the food on Friday night. FDR students and staff members contributed to the making of all the food.  It was truly a family celebration.

Not just Hispanic people were there! All Cougars of different types of heritage enjoyed this festival. The students who came enjoyed the festival thanks to food, dance, and music. It was not just the students dancing, even some of the teachers started dancing to the music!  That was fun to watch!  Some songs were by Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, and so many more. We also danced to the Macarena! Our newest member of the Cougar Family was even there, Principal Katz!  She really seemed to enjoy her time at the festival. A special thanks to everyone who participated and enjoyed the festival.  A big shout out the Ms. Perez for putting the event together!