Culture Corner- Cuba

Ruhangiz Rabbimova, Reporter

Did you know that the island of Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus on October 28, 1492? Cuba is located in the Caribbean, and it’s the 106th largest nation in the world, with a total area of 110,860 square kilometers. It’s a nation under “communist” rule, well-known for its cultural diversity which was built from Spanish, African, French, and Asian influences.


90% of the population speaks Spanish, making it the official language of Cuba, even though many Cubans know how to speak English. Besides Spanish, a few smaller languages are also spoken in Cuba. These include languages such as the Haitian Creole, Lucumi, Galician, and Corsican.

Food and Drink

The most common meals of Cuba include those made with pork, chicken, rice, beans, tomatoes, and lettuce. In addition black beans, stews, and meats are also considered to be the most popular foods as well. Cuban Beer and Rum are widely known around the world.  But more importantly, there’s nothing like Cuban coffee.  It makes you feel happier! If you plan to travel there, I definitely recommend you to try their café con leche-yummm!


Cubans are very passionate about dancing. One can see Cubans dancing in the streets, during festivals, clubs, almost everywhere.  Tourists perhaps want to go to Cuba for its perfect beaches, but they have increasingly headed there for salsa dancing.

Cuba has not only a vibrant culture, but has interesting facts that amaze people once they find them. Because of its spectacular attractions, interesting culture, friendly and open-minded local people- every tourist loves Cuba!  As the restrictions on travel continue to be lifted, watch out for Cuba becoming a huge destination for American travelers.