Omr Abdelhamed – Underclassman of the Month


Xin Hang Xie, Reporter

Congratulations to Omr, the Underclassman of the Month. Attending FDR gave Omr some very valuable experiences. Omr is amazed by wonderful teachers, who not only prepare students for tests, but also their lives in the future. Omr also loves the diversity at FDR, and the fact that students are motivated by the teachers. English and Global History are Omr’s favorite subjects. He loves the debates in his English class, and in Global, he loves studying the events in the past that make the world what it is today. Omr has not had time to join any clubs, but he does pay a lot of attention in his classes. He would also like to encourage new students at FDR to be focus in their classes, in order to have a good understanding of the materials that is being taught. Omr believes that he was chosen to be the Underclassman of the Month because of his ability to pay undivided attention and participate in most of his classes.¬†Well done! Congrats again to Omr!