SING with Ms. Lefkowitz!


As you all know, FDR High School has two productions a year (a musical, and a theater performance). All our students and staff members involved, work hard to ensure a full house and a successful show. Last year, we had PIPPIN, and this year, we will have Sing. Ms. Lefkowitz has decided to help our students with an original theater production, so be sure to purchase a ticket.

Ms. Lefkowitz was in it during her high school years, and the rehearsals she attended were one of the best times of her life. The performances made some everlasting memories as well. This inspired her to be involved in theater. For these reasons, Ms. Lefkowitz put in for the grant creating FDR’s show.

So why should FDR students go to see it? Sing will be 100% original theater. Hardworking students created their lines/shows from scratch. Each show contains an important message about issues we all struggle with. This includes struggles that kids, and adults, go through. This will make the show relatable to people of all ages, because we are constantly trying to improve ourselves by conquering our obstacles.

This program is a lot of fun. The members of it hope to grow it more and more each year, and they would love the whole FDR community to be there to see this production, and upcoming ones as well. Don’t miss FDR’s SING this February 10th!