Waras Yaqub – Upperclassman of the Month


The February Upperclassman of the Month is Waras Yaqub! Waras loves FDR, because it is filled with a wonderful staff and amazing students. Waras has met many great teachers and students at FDR. They have had a significant impact of him. He feels comfortable attending FDR, and he enjoys interacting with the variety of students at FDR.

Waras loves History and Science. He wants to know what happened in the past, so he can make predictions regarding the future, based on different interpretations of history. He loves Science, because he thinks it has a strong impact on our world. Waras is currently part of the Chess Club, where he can play against his friends- even though he rarely wins.

Waras would like to tell new students at FDR to push themselves further than just getting 90s in regular classes. They should be preparing themselves for the real world by taking honors courses and Advanced Placement classes. Waras regrets not taking advantage of these course until his junior year. He hopes that students challenge themselves early in high school, so they can get the most out of the experience.

Waras thinks he was chosen to be the Upperclassman of the Month because of his enthusiasm in his AP History class. He has tried his best in his AP U.S. History class, and he is currently the top student in the class. He has worked really hard to impress, both the class, and his teacher with his knowledge of American History. What an ambitious learner! Definitely worth the title of the Upperclassman of the Month! Congratulations to Waras!