FDR Hits Broadway To See Hamilton!


Recently the FDR family had the privilege of watching one of the country’s best musicals, “Hamilton” which centers around the story of Alexander Hamilton and the political atmosphere of the newly founded United States. Lin Manuel Miranda came up with beautiful songs and raps. He was able to portray history through an exciting and interesting  medium.

Before the show began, students from many different schools were able to perform on stage in front of everyone. FDR’s very own, Joanna Mei, was among those selected to perform on stage. Despite the huge crowd, Joanna who wrote and sung a song about the U.S., did not fail to impress. With her beautiful voice she was able to earn the applause of many from the crowd. After the students performed, actors from the show came out on stage to do a mini Q&A in which they answered many questions that students had submitted beforehand. The Q&A gave insight on the actors favorite scenes, difficulties, and much more. After returning from the lunch break, it was finally time for the show to start, excitement was evident on the faces of many, as students settled in their seats.

The show was quite enjoyable, but I think the proper word would be “exciting.” There was so much going on throughout the whole show, that quite honesty, I did not know where to keep my eyes. The music, the lighting, all just added to the thrill. People were all on the edge of their seats awaiting each scene. What was amazing about the show was that it managed to keep my attention and not bore me. Not to shame other shows on Broadway, sometimes they can be too long and boring. This show was certainly not like that, because it managed to capture the attention of the audience so greatly.

Walking out the show people all around were struck- it had the total “wow” factor. History was shown differently, and certainly more interestingly, which I enjoyed a lot. It also gave me a quick review on some things I had forgotten from my class, and I am very thankful I got that mini review lesson! After watching the show, many people asked me if it was really worth the hype, and yes, I have to admit it was. The show made the political figures not only political figures, but people, who had actual personal lives, which a lot of history textbooks fail to teach us. It was a fresher take on what we are usually taught, although there were Miranda’s own tweaks, but that just made the show more interesting. The experience was very delightful for me, and I am sure it was for others as well!