How should you prepare for college?


June is finally here, seniors are graduating, summer vacation is here and for some the pressure of finding the perfect college has begun. Juniors should have already started prepping for their college applications and if you have not started yet, the summer is the perfect time to begin.

This summer all juniors should visit their college choices, search up scholarships, and get to know all about the colleges they are interested in. Most juniors have already had a meeting with college advisers, Mr. Timmons and Ms. Turturro, to learn more about what they should be doing regarding applying to colleges. College applications can be very stressful, and its better to start early than do everything last minute. Visiting the college advisers that are available in room 104 will be a great help. They set up folders for each student in which test scores, teacher recommendations, autobiographical essays and records of activities in and out of school are placed. From these advisers you can find out more about college fairs, as well as tours and when college representatives are visiting FDR. Financial aid material, fee waivers and basically everything to help you with your college admission is available here. The office has a full supply of CUNY, SUNY, SAT, ACT, TOEFL and FASFA applications. By senior year each student should have taken the SAT once and if you missed the SAT, make sure to take the one on June 3rd. You can also register for the SAT subject tests, which are in August, and register for the ACT as well.

Finding the perfect college is very important; you want to find a college where you fit in, have what you are interested in, and will feel comfortable at. Asking yourself what you want in a college, will help you narrow down what school you want to attend. Volunteering somewhere this summer or getting involved in extracurricular activities is very important. You want to show colleges that you have done more than just attend classes. Looking for scholarships is something you want to get into as well, websites such as fastweb, finaid, scholarships, and chegg are some websites to get you started. Remember to look at everything when applying to college. With the right people guiding you, you will find the best college for you. It is never to early to start preparing for college.