Is Peer Mediation For You?


Priscilla Soo, Contributor

Among many of FDR’s clubs and teams, peer mediation is one of them. Peer mediation consists of students helping other students solve disputes they may be having. According Ms. Simone, any issue can be fixed through this as long as students are willing to talk about it. The peer mediation office is looking for students who are reliable, dedicated, learners, mature and people who are not mixed up in gossip. This is because the process in becoming a mediator takes time, many training sessions, and evaluations.

This program can be beneficial to FDR, because it serves as an outlet for students who may be afraid of confronting their problems. Additionally, students can refer their friends, and teachers can refer students. If a teen ever feels like they have nowhere to go to speak about their issues, this can always be a choice for students. Usually, a session will have 2 students helping 2 students.

If peer mediation is something you may be interested in, you can speak with Ms. Simone or Ms. Merkin during your lunch period. You will be given a chance to integrate yourself into helping your peers. If you feel it isn’t for you, you can always leave. However, if this continues being something you enjoy, feel free to stay to learn opening statements, how to rephrase questions, role reversal, and much more.

The Mediation Center is room 137. Come check it out!