John Morgan – Underclassman of the Month


John enjoys attending FDR because of the friendly staff, students, and a clean environment. Math and Global Studies are John’s favorite subjects, because the teachers have successfully consolidated their teaching skills with their senses of humor.

John interviewed for the Student Ambassadors, because he thinks he should contribute to the school if he is going to stay at FDR for a couple more years. A piece of advice John would like to give to the new students is not to listen to those who defame FDR, because we are indeed one of the better schools in the city- with various clubs, teams and strong teachers.

John thinks that he was chosen to be the Underclassman of the Month, because he was kind enough to donate his hair to children with cancer. John makes a regular tradition of growing his hair long, so he can cut it to donateit to children who have lost their hair to cancer treatment. John is truly an inspiration to the whole FDR family.

A round of applause to John for his charity and efforts to make FDR a better place.