Mohammad Rahman – Upperclassman of the Month


Mohammad Rahman, Reporter

Congratulations to Mohammad Rahman, the June Upperclassman of the Month! Coming to FDR, feeling welcomed and safe, makes Mohammad love attending FDR. The various teams and clubs provided at FDR, make sure that Mohammad and the other students don’t lose interest in school.

Mohammad believes that the teachers at FDR do a fantastic job teaching students important material. Mohammad likes History and Science, because events in the past teach him lessons and Science helps him understand the world he is in right now. Mohammad was once a member of the Coding Club, because he wanted to learn how computers operate. Even though he had a hard time learning coding, Mohammad still enjoyed the challenge.

Mohammad would like to tell the newcomers at FDR to keep their GPA high and get involved in after school activities. Do not think that Freshmen year is not important, because it will set up your path at FDR for the coming years. Mohammad thinks that he was chosen to be an Upperclassman of the Month because of his hard work and progress, despite the fact that he has tough classes this year.