Upperclassman of the Month-Emanuel Casillas


A very big congratulations to the upperclassman of this month. There are many successful students in FDR and this month’s Upperclassman is Emanuel Casillas, a hard working student and the Captain of FDR’s Bowling team. Emanuel is surely one to be recognized.

Emanuel is recognized as one of the best bowlers in New York City, and the FDR family is very lucky to have him. He also enjoys being at FDR, saying that “the teachers take their time to help students and students help maintain a respectful environment in the school.” Emanuel is not only the Captain of the Bowling team that has gone to the final four for the past two years (and has a strong chance of going this year as well), he is part of FDR’s marching band. His favorite subject is Math, and he is currently taking challenging courses such as Calculus. His advice to the new students at FDR is to not waste their time and stay focused in their classes- otherwise they will regret it later. His advice should be followed by everyone at the school.

When asked why he thinks that he was chosen as Upperclassman of the Month, he answered that his hard work and leadership on the Bowling team helped him achieve this honor. Way to go Emanuel, go get us that Championship!