Greenfield Moving On From District 44

During the month of November, elections took place in NYC which are important for the communities of NYC. In our district 44, the City Council member David G. Greenfield has served our community over the last seven years. He took office in 2010. However, City Councilman David G. Greenfield will  take over a new position as Executive Director of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, as of next January. He will be completing his term until the end of this year as our City Councilman.

City Council member David G. Greenfield supported Kalman Yeger as our next City Councilman of district 44 all throughout the race. After, selecting Kalman Yeger to be Greenfield’s successor as City Councilman, it brought up existing tensions between  Mr. Greenfield, and the Brooklyn Orthodox leader Dov Hikind. His son Yoni Hikind had affirmed his position in the race to be one of the candidates for the City Council Member of District 44. The race between Kalman Yeger and Yoni Hikind turned pretty intense among them, especially on social media, because their allies were back and forth exchanging insults on social media. For example, on twitter, accounts hashtags like “#YegerIsInDepresion” and “#WhoIsYoni” were in use. This race among these familiar candidates, showed the rivalry between them. Especially during a debate hosted by New York 1 last month. In this debate, it seemed that both were shouting over one another, instead of focusing on issues.

Overall, in the race Kalman Yeger had spent $117,415 from matching funds, whereas, Yoni Hikind had spent more than Yeger by $273,104. In the end of the NYC elections on November 7, 2017, Yeger took the home victory as our new City Council member for next year. He won a landslide victory by 67%  of the vote, and Yoni Hikind only received 29% with all the precincts reported.

City Council member David Greenfield has become one of the most cherished Democratic politician in our neighborhood, and our school, because he has consistently backed FDR High School. Whether it was helping fund our school field or classroom resources, he has been a valued ally of our school. He has served Borough Park, Midwood, and Bensonhurst and chairs the Council’s influential Committee on Land Use. Good luck to Mr. Greenfield on his new position and congratulations to our new Council member, Kalman Yeger!