Upperclassmen of the Month- Josiah Chen


There are many seniors and juniors who have achieved so much at this school, and we like to highlight these overachievers. This month’s Upperclassman of the Month is Josiah Chen. He enjoys attending FDR, despite not liking taking Spanish class. We hope that he does well in his classes, and we all know what it feels like to be in classes that we do not enjoy. Josiah is not currently involved in any clubs or team, but we believe that he will become involved in clubs or teams as the year goes by.

The classes that he enjoys the most are Math and History. He likes to solve and figure out answers, which is why he enjoys Math so much. He enjoys learning about past experiences, and finds the discussions in his history class much more interesting than in any other class. His advice to the new students at FDR, may actually be helpful to many. Some lunch periods are very crowded, and to avoid the crowd, the best place to go is the library- where it is much more quiet and peaceful than the packed lunchroom.

Josiah’s teachers certainly approve of his hard work in his classes. He was very shocked to find that he was chosen as Upperclassmen of the Month, but he believes that he was chosen because he is respectful of his teachers’ rules. We hope that Josiah can become an example to other students around the school!